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What is Dialing?

Dialing is one of the most intuitive Sales Platforms on the Market today. It has been developed by Telesales people for Telesales people. Having been in the business of Developing IP based systems since 2005, we understand the challenges businesses face and help companies streamline their workflow, increase sales and meet KPI’s.

Ease of Use

Dialing has a simple web interface where you can build, copy or edit your campaigns easily. Dialing guides you through the campaign building process through simple forms without the need for special IT knowledge.

Realtime Analytics

Hourly, daily, weekly or monthly analytics. You can instantly see how your team is progressing against their targets. You can also forecast sales and revenue.


Dialing has a unique built-in scoreboard feature where all your Sales agents’ results are displayed. Who is the top of the leaderboard and how long will they stay on top before the next sale is made and positions are changed.


Dialing enables you to easily import your data and match them to fields within your campaign. Once a campaign has finished, you can simply export your data or set up schedule reports.


There are many possibilities to integrate other systems with Dialing. Integrations can make for a very powerful tool for your business. Accelerate your growth plans and streamline productivity from day one.

Listen Live

Dialing offers you the ability to listen in to your agent's calls even if you are not in the office. This feature is essential especially if you have homeworkers and multiple locations. Simply log in to the conversation and set your listening option.


In Dialing, your calls are automatically recorded and stored within the platform. You take control of which part of the call you need recorded, either the whole call or just the acceptance of order. All call recordings are available for playback via the web interface.

Blended Dialing

Dialing offers seamless integration for both inbound and outbound dialing. More companies are looking to implement more automation into their sales process. With Dialing's blended call feature you will not miss that important call.

Dialing Scoreboard

Dialing has a unique built-in scoreboard feature where each sales agent or team can keep track of who their top seller is; how far they are away from target at both an individual and team view. You can easily customise pictures and victory sounds so when you make a sale or appointment this will be displayed for both your internal and external users.

Competitive Edge

By implementing Dialing into your sales process, you will notice a significant increase in productivity. Dialing is simple to use and even with the basic tech skills; your agents can be calling and generating revenue in no time.

On the go

Need important information instantly for reporting or getting ready for a meeting? Dialing gives you instant access to statistics via our Scoreboard App. Forecasting sales, displaying top team or individual and progression against targets are all instantly available direct to your mobile device


You chose what information you want to be displayed to your Team. For example, latest sale, top seller, results against targets either individually or as a group. Add pictures or war cries to let your victory be noticed and bask in your glory.

Client Transparency

Offer transparency to your customers by including them into your scoreboard. Invite them by email so every sale or appointment is displayed on their device. Make them feel part of your team and share in your company’s success.

Download the app FREE

While you trial our platform, why not download and try our Scoreboard App?

You can view the performance of your sales and sales agents wherever you are. If you cannot currently get instant access to your sales figures, statistics or results then this App will give you the insights to your business, regardless of place and time.

Instant Access

No longer do you have to wait until the end of the day to calculate your figures and results. All crucial information is displayed for you at any time, any place, or anywhere, straight to your mobile device.

360 Degree View

Dialing really will give you a 360 degree view of your sales and campaign progression. Any changes are instantly recorded and displayed, keeping you on track and ahead of the game.


Inbound and Blended Dialing

Dialing is proud to announce the release of our Blended Dialing feature. Now calls can be received by a specific agent or Team. Calls are routed via your own customised IVR ensuring that you never miss a customer again.

See how Blended Dialing works

Watch this short video to the inbound in action and a preview of building the IVR

How can Dialing help you?

Watch our short promotional video to see the difference.

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